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In the last two days, our website has had more than 1600 hits.  We are not sure where all of you are coming from, but we understand that Mike Adams from referred to in his internet seminar a couple of days ago.

Where ever you are coming from, we welcome you to the growing Pro-Ecuador family, and encourage you to sign up for our newsletter.  Linda and I have lived in Cotacachi, Ecuador for two years.

When we moved here, the idea that we would be selling real estate was the last thing on our minds.  But as we have discovered over the years, Spirit often has very different plans for us than what we can imagine.

Now, it seems as if we were sent here to help people make the move from the U.S.  In the past six months, we have assisted more than 16 families to find property here in Cotacachi.  Every day, we are receiving more and more inquiries from people who are wanting to make Ecuador their home.

Yesterday, we had four property showings!  This is the most ever in one day.  Next week, we will be opening a big, beautiful office on Bolivar street under the name of Eagle and Condor Internacional CIA. LTD.

Jorge Quilumbaqui’s condominiums, Primavera II, are moving very quickly.  Yesterday, we sold a condo to an American contractor working in Iraq, sight unseen.  Half of the 32 units have been sold.  The 4th building, not to be completed for another 9 months, already has 4 of 8 units selected!

The new adobe townhouse development, Jahuapacha, (means heaven, and you can see why) just announced in our recent newsletter is generating lots of attention.

And Marcelo’s hand made adobe houses in Colonia El Batan are a true hit, with three new houses under construction as we speak, to go along with the two already existing.

It is interesting to watch the local indigenous workers building in their ancient adobe traditions, but with modern earth quake resistant designs.

But with all that is happening, one of the things we like to do best is to stroll around and enjoy the views on the land we purchased with our new partners.  Of course, we dream of the houses we are going to build, ours and for friends.  We had a great meeting with a permaculture expert last week who raved about the potential for aquaculture.

We have great plans for our project, Santuario Tuctara.  It is the sustainable, green, alternative energy project that I have wanted to build since 1974 when I thought Nixon was going to take over the country.  I guess I was just a little early.

Exciting times in Cotacachi.


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  1. margaret bachmann says:

    my husband & I are planning to retire in Ecuador around manta.
    My husband is Swiss and I am American. We have lived in various places around the world & have no problem with throwing our stuff in a container. Can you recommend an Ecuadorian bank that has a relationship with an American bank other than Citi Bank?