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Questions about Bring Gold to Ecuador, Tourist Visas received the following question: I read your post about bringing gold into Ecuador and I was wondering what happens when you declare over $10k in gold. Do you pay taxes or some fee? If I came with gold I would be an American coming from Venezuela. I was also […]

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Of Lions, Lamas and Liberty

“Preoccupation with our own interests—our own narrow desires, ambitions, and goals—undermines our ability to be compassionate. Conversely, the more we concern ourselves with providing for others’ well-being, the more meaningful our lives become and the happier we ourselves will be.” The Dalai Lama Gary and I have been teachers of […]

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A Russian Experience in Ecuador on International Day of the Woman

The International Day of the Woman found Gary and me celebrating in Quito with an unusual group, the ASAER, Asociacion de la Amistad Ecuadoriano-Rusa, which is an Ecuadorian and Russian friendship association. Liliya Bykova, a Russian from Belarus and a reader of, invited us to attend the celebration. Liliya […]

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Conflict in the Andes: Ecuador-Columbia Border Crisis Resolved

Ecuador citizens were shaken the first weekend in March when the Columbian military attacked a FARC rebel base inside Ecuador. There was lots of talk of war. Pro-Ecuador received several e-mails asking about the incident, in which several dozen FARC guerrillas hiding in Ecuador were killed by the Columbian military. […]

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