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Sunday in the Parque with Jorge

Parque Elijido in Quito on a sunny Sunday is a grand way to relax and imbibe the sensory delights of Ecuador culture. Sifting through the throw-away art, the knock-offs of other artists and the tourist fare, I’ve found some gems on other occasions.

As I’ve often said, buy it when you see it, or you’ll regret it.  I’ve been back to Parque Elijido twice in the last three years, searching for a man who did the most evocative watercolors of adobe ruins, old houses and haciendas.

I didn’t get his name and I’ve never seen him since.  I have an empty space on my living room wall waiting to showcase one of his old stone walls covered with flowering vines.

No luck this visit either.  But I did find a portraitist whose pencil drawings are outstanding.  I’m thinking that portraits of our grand-daughters would make fine birthday or Christmas gifts.  And he only charges $5.00!  I had to ask him twice, the price is so incredibly cheap.

There were the usual Guayasamin copies everywhere, plus pots of flowers, indigenous women in shawls.

I liked these bulls.

But the greatest art of all are the adorable Ecuadorian children, happily and noisily having a fine Sunday with their parents.

The art of cooking was well represented at a very popular stand serving sausages and pinchos, an Ecuadorean form of  kabobs.

This woman selling fruit with the help of her grand-daughter made me yearn for more time with my own little nietas.  What I wouldn’t give for a few precious hours with Anabella or Sophia.

As we were leaving Parque Elijido I snapped this portrait.  I called it,  “Art Overdose,” “Prone Man with Rock,” or perhaps, “Bad Art Makes Me Woozy.”

What would you call it?

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