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Quito Culture with Liliya Bykova: January 2009

Here’s a January update from our Quito Cultural Arts reporter, Liliya Bykova. If you are interested in a wonderful walking tour of Old Town Quito, and an insider look at expat life in Quito, please call or write:

“Legends of Old Quito”
with Liliya and Leo.  cell: 08 703 8310Email: lbassist
(Leo is also a handyman; plumber and U.S. licensed electrician, and will gladly help with any of your electrical needs.)

544 events in 2008!

Slow start in January!
At the beginning of every month we walk to Plaza Teatro to pick up the monthly magazine which features a calendar and description of events sponsored by the Foundation Municipal Teatro Nacional Sucre. What a delight this magazine is!
In the January 2009 edition there were some statistics about year 2008:
Of the 544 events,  about 212 events were free, 182 events cost $10 or less, 12 events cost more then $25.

In January 2008 there were 19 events; December 2008 – 59.

For more information go to:


Chinese Opera! 

January 11, 11:30 a.m., 6 p.m., January 12, 8:30 p.m.Teatro Nacional Sucre  Tickets $1
Production of Wu Opera Troupe de Zhejiang.

Orquestra Sinfonica Nacional del Ecuador 

 January 15, 8:30 p.m.

January 30, 8:30 p.m.

Teatro Nacional Sucre


Classic Rock with feminine voices 

Group Las CuatroJanuary Jan.  30, 8:30 p.m.
Teatro Variedades Ernesto Alban (located at Plaza Teatro) Tickets $8

Concierto de Año Nuevo en la Casa de la Cultura
January 9, 8:00 p.m.Teatro Ágora
For more details, go to: of ours from Cotacachi came to Quito in December to attend a concert with us. I decided to describe their experience to encourage more people to come to Quito to enjoy the numerous cultural events.
First, they stayed at Hotel Carlos Luis – a lot of value for the money!!!

Address: Paredes S 1-90 y Morales, near Terminal Terrestre Cumanda Telf: 02-2952-951

Coming out of the main bus terminal, Terminal Terrestre, take a right turn on Morales and the hotel is right there, about one block up the street on your left. The best rooms are #4 and #7. They are basic, but clean and quiet, with windows, bathroom and TV with English-speaking channels.

Room prices vary from $14 to $16 for a couple and $8-$10 for one person. From my observation, price variation can also depend upon the owner’s mood!

The concert took place at Teatro Mexico. If you are over 65, mention this to the cashier. Then your tickets are half-priced!!! In Teatro Mexico, it is first-come, first-seated, so if you would like better seats, arrive a little earlier. When going to Teatro Mexico, which is in south Quito, it is safer to take a taxi than to walk the streets at night.

Just around the corner from the Hotel Carlos Luis is La Ronda, the oldest street in Quito, charming and picturesque. It has been lovingly restored in recent years and is very safe. Friendly, helpful guards are everywhere, night and day, ready to give advice, directions or share a bit of Quito history.

This is one of Quito’s most interesting places to be, with cafes, restaurants, some of them with live music Thursday – Saturday. There are also galleries, an art museum, little shops, and a lot of canelaza, drinks made for the Quito fresco nights. Canelaza is a potent mix of cinnamon, egg yokes and liquor boiled together and served from a big kettle. 





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