Quito Cultural Events: In December, Quito is One Big Party

Each month, our Quito cultural events reporter, Liliya Bykova, compiles her list of favorite entertainments for you to enjoy.  This month, The Fiestas de Quito, with all their brilliant color, tense drama and excitement are here once again!

Opening of the Fiestas de Quito
28 November 7:30 p.m.
Plaza de San Francisco
The Fiestas de Quito officially open with a night of music, local bands, fireworks and fun. For more information, see www.quitocultura.com

Other highlights this year include:

Queen of Quito Contest
27 November 8 p.m.
Teatro Nacional Casa de la Cultura ,  6 de Diciembre y Patria
The annual contest to choose the next Queen of Quito takes place on 27th November, with hundreds of people supporting their favourite candidate, dressed in the best designer fashions from across Ecuador, accompanied by live music.

Festival del Pasacalle
3 December 7p.m.
Teatro Nacional Casa de la Cultura , 6 de Diciembre y Patria
A festival of Ecuadorian music, including the famous pasacalle but also pasillos, sanjuanitos, tonadas, bombas and albazos – every rhythm and variety under the sun. Renowned Ecuadorian musicians will perfom live.

The ‘Quito Fest’ rock festival at the Parque Itchimbía on the 1st and 2nd December.

And ‘Quiteñadas’ a special musical show on the 1st at the Teatro Nacional beginning at 6 pm.

5th December marks the fiestas’ high point.  On 6th December the fiestas end with a closing ceremony at the Plaza de Toros in northern Quito, complete with music, dramatic legends .

All programming for the fiestas can be viewed online at www.quitocultura.com
For highlighted events, go to–www.quito.com.ec

The main event starts 28th November.  The opening of The Jesús del Gran Poder Bullfighting Fair is heralded with trumpets and for nine days following, the world’s finest bulls and bullfighters and bulls confront each other in Quito’s Plaza de Toros bullring.

For more information, scheduling and prices–http://www.feriadequito.com/

Buy Bullfighting Fair tickets at:

* Taquillas de la Plaza
* Ticket Center del C.C.I.
* Condado Shopping
* C.C. Villa Cumbayá
* C.C. San Luis
* C.C. El Recreo
(If you are unfamiliar with Quito or the above locations, hop a cab and give the driver the name of the place you want to go.)

Every year following these bullfights the pros and cons of bullfighting are debated, but in the end, the bull always loses.

For an exciting and entertaining exploration of Quito’s Old Town, join

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email: lbassist2003@yahoo.com

Source:  Official Site of Tourism for Quito–http://www.quito.com.ec/

and double click on  FIESTAS QUITO 2008


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