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Pro-Ecuador’s First Intro Tour is a Rousing Success!

How much you choose to immerse yourself in the culture will largely define your experience in Ecuador.

–Adventure Guide to Ecuador and the Galapagos

The first Pro-Ecuador Intro Tour has come to an end after a 7-day whirlwind trek that stretched from the beaches of Manta and Bahia in the west, then northeast to Quito, north to the highlands of Cotacachi and surrounding towns, down south to Cuenca and back to Quito.

Four adventurous souls joined Gary, Jason and me as we fully immersed ourselves in the cultural and geographic diversity of the land of eternal spring.

This group was serious about finding new homes in Ecuador, so we altered our itinerary to show them more real estate than originally planned. They were undaunted in their search, giving everything from luxury beach condos to small apartments and land careful consideration.

With a number of real estate agents and ex pats sharing their experiences in finding and purchasing property in Ecuador, the tour participants garnered enough confidence to quickly make decisions. As a result, three of the four attendees are purchasing property, choosing to make Cotacachi their new home.

Being flexible allowed for surprises and unexpected richness of experience to occur. It’s hard to believe we encapsulated so much into so short a time.

It’s as if the passage of time slowed to allow everyone to have the kind of experiences they were seeking.

From ocean sunsets, breath-taking mountain vistas, and a morning hike to a misty waterfall, to delighting in the charm and variety of some of Ecuador’s best hostelries and the majesty of her churches, each of our new friends found a slice of life in Ecuador that deeply resonated with them.

A single woman from NYC was delighted with the vibrant art community she found in Cuenca. A Canadian man will soon be the proud owner of a handmade adobe country home in the development of El Batan. Our Midwest couple will build their home on land with million-dollar views.

Gary and I are in the process of tweaking our itinerary to expand and improve the next Intro to Ecuador tour, which will include more real estate showings, an extra day in Cuenca’s colonial ambiance.

In addition, participants will have their choice of two, three-day extensions to the coast or to Vilcabamba, the fabled Valley of Longevity.

Join us for an unforgettable trip to the magic garden that is Ecuador!

The next Intro to Ecuador Tour is scheduled for August 21st. We already have a number of sign-ups and will keep the group small, so contact us for details.

If you are contemplating moving to Ecuador, this tour and course will provide much of the information you need to make an informed decision. Don’t miss it!



  1. My wife and I are just getting started to look for some place special to retire. We are looking at a numer of different countries to move to and Ecuador is at the top of our list we would like to find out about your tours. We are not looking for a specific place to buy or rent. we are looking at the countryside and it’s people

    we hopr to hear from you

    Jim and Jody

  2. Jeff,

    It has been a year and a half now. Did your house get complete? Have you gotten your residency & are living there now? Is it everything you thought it would be?

    My husband and I have been presented with the idea of moving out of US so our SS will go further. I am all for the idea of visiting to see if this will be for us. What concerns me is we will only be able to spend 4 – 6 weeks each time we visit. Everytime I go on vacation the destination is always more appealing than what I have because my concerns at home disappear temporarily (that is why they call it vacation)

    When we commit ourselves to buying property (selling ours here to do that) will we regret it? We will be sinking our life savings into a new life in a foreign country… That is kind of scary to a girl (56) from Texas that has not been very far from home. I am not really worried about home sickness as much as getting there & finding that life is not as it has been represented. I have been reading the blogs over the last couple of weeks and have not read one discouraging word. It seems the old adage “If it seems too good to be true……” Can you enlighten me on how you feel about your decision?

    Thanks for all the information you can give me.


    • Hi Pam,

      For someone like you, I would suggest a couple of things. First, come down here on one of our three day tours. This will give you to opportunity to get over the jitters about traveling in a foreign country. Then stay another week or so just looking around.

      If you like what you see, then come back later and rent a furnished apartment for at least a month or more. Then, and only then, make a decision about whether you want to move here.

      There are lots of things about Ecuador that are wonderful. But there are somethings that are not enjoyable. Many people have issues with all the houses in the country that are only half built, and look pretty scrappy. Trash in some towns can be a problem. Others have issues with the noise. Yes, Ecuadorians love their loud music, barking dogs and crowing roosters at 3:30 in the morning.

      At this point, don’t even think about if you want to move here. Just come down for a visit to check it out. There will be plenty of time later for major decisions.

  3. Hi Jeanie.

    I move in next weekend. The house won’t be completed, but my office and the downstairs bathroom will be, so in we go. But it sure does look good, with tiles I picked out in the kitchen and two main bathrooms, and fireplaces in the living room and master bedroom. The custom-made furniture starts moving in this week (dining table and 6 chairs for the main living area, and desk and day bed in my office).

    This is the largest (by far) place I’ve ever lived in by myself. The last place I owned was 880 square feet, and the condo I owned in Toronto was 440 square feet. This house is over 2,000!

    I haven’t started the permanent residency proceedings since I need a deed to the house for that. I also have another four months to get it completed, so there’s no rush.

    I’m enjoying life in Cotacachi very much. It’s a little boring sometimes — my own fault, as I brought no reading materials in English, and my Spanish just doesn’t cut it yet.

    But the temperatures are moderate (you’d be surprised how hot 70F can be here!) and the views are spectacular.

    I hope that gives you a bit more to go on to help you with your decision.


  4. Jeanie Partington says:

    Hi Jeff. It is December 1st now. I was just reading about you having a home built in Colonia El Batan. I have been reading all of the articles about Ecuador that I can find. I have decided that I am really attracted to Cotacachi. I have looked at the condos and the houses. I think that the thick walls of the adobe homes would make them very comfortable and easy to keep cool in the warmest part of the year and warm in the coolest part of the year. The exposed beams were beautiful. I am curious to know how your home has progressed. Have you gotten your permanent residence sorted?

    I am giving serious thought to moving to Ecuador. I am a very young 56 and I would be happy to have my money give me so much more buying power there. I would love to read about any of your experiences that you might be willing to share. Congratulations on your beautiful new home.

    Thank you,

  5. WOW! that sounds so wonderful! I wish I could make it in August but it is too soon for leaving Hawaii.

    Conrads, Canadian Guy!

    Perhaps we will be nieghbors someday.


  6. I’m the Canadian guy who will be the very proud and very, very happy owner of an adobe house in El Batán. I’ve paid my deposit and I’m hoping to have construction start by July 15.

    I loved this tour. I hadn’t been on a real vacation in almost 10 years. And I definitely made the right choice in coming to Ecuador and touring with Gary, Linda and Jason. Friendly, wise in Ecuadorian culture, and people I’m glad to call new friends, these three went out of their way to make this trip useful for me in my quest to move to Ecuador.

    If you’re considering moving to Ecuador, whether for the climate, for the scenery, or to make your retirement dollars go farther, you won’t find a better team to show you the country. Get yourselves down here for August 21. I promise you, you won’t ever forget it!