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Ecuador Eco Photo Tour August 2008

I apologize in advance if this post appears to be pure promotion of our upcoming eco-photo tour of Ecuador because that’s exactly what it is. We have been preparing for months and now this unique tour is less than 3 months away.

If you are interested in both Ecuador and photography please keep reading. Since I am not a photographer I recently joined Paul Yarnall on a United States photo tour to get prepared for our Ecuador tour in August. Here I am setting up for a shot of the Colorado river (click for a larger view).

I started with very little knowledge about photography but kept pace with Paul. I learned a lot and had a great time. The most important part of a photography tour is spending plenty of time at select locations with the right light. Traveling with photographers is an excellent way to learn how to think about taking pictures. Here I am at Angles Landing at Zion national park.

Some photo tours advertise that you can learn how to take pictures to pay for your vacation. This is just marketing hype used to sell tours. During this tour you will spend time with professional photographers and like-minded travelers. And yes, you will learn about photography.

Paul and Sandy will be available to answer questions but this tour is neither a course nor a competition. We are going to handle the logistics so that you can take good pictures.

Here is a picture of Paul I took at the Great Smokey Mountains. I learned how to blur the water just seconds before taking the picture.

Just because I am new to photography does not mean this tour is only for beginners. The tour is designed for serious photographers but participants of all skill levels should feel welcome to attend.

Paul and Sandy have insisted on so many details to make our Ecuador trip great for photography. Our August 2008 eco-photo tour of Ecuador is going to be a truly unique Ecuador experience.

Here is a recent photo of Sandy in Ecuador.

If you are interested in both Ecuador and photography don’t miss this opportunity to travel with me, Sandy, and Paul. This is an excellent trip for both professional photographers and beginners. Click here to read the details about this tour.


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