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Cotacachi Dancers--Dance of San Juan

A View From the Roof: Strange Cotacachi Festival Related to World Events

By Gary Phillips A year ago, I wrote the article below about the changes happening in our world and related it to the Baila de San Juan, the annual fiesta in Cotacachi that always occurs on the summer solstice, and is happening now.   It’s interesting to read this article […]

A View From the Roof:  Four Hours To Get A Hug! One Choice to Change the World

A View From the Roof: Four Hours To Get A Hug! One Choice to Change the World

Have you ever stood in line for a hug? For four hours? I did last Thursday, and it was exquisite! What a week it has been–First a visit with Amma, the hugging saint from India, and then to return home and find NSAs and the Obama administrations dirty laundry spread out all over the internet and news media by a brave young patriot named Edward Snowden. Evidence of a paradigm shift in the making? Read on!

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Atacames Beach, Ecuador Photo by Aaron Phelps

Ecuador Beaches: A Quiet Interlude in Atacames

  Our first in-the-water experience with Ecuador beaches was in Atacames, a major party scene.  It usually throbs and gyrates day and night during holidays, but we happened to show up during one of its calmer periods. Gary and I were invited to spend two days and nights in the […]

Traditional Dance in Ecuador

Lessons in Latin American Culture: Su-Yin Goes Native

“Like” my blog to get weekly blog updates on my experience with the online Latin American Culture Course. Born in Singapore and raised in Australia, I was exposed to almost zero Latin American culture growing up.  Shakira and Jennifer Lopez aside, now that I have moved to Ecuador, I’ve decided […]

Unique New Tourist Attraction in Ambato, Ecuador

Unique New Tourist Attraction in Ambato, Ecuador

I sense a pilgrimage to Ambato in my future.  According to the Lonely Planet, Ecuador artist and muralist David Moscoso has single-handedly created “a new tourist attraction.”  Visitors are awed by his visual praise anthem to the natural world, a mural of volcanoes that graces the dome of a new […]

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