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Healthy Living in Cotacachi: Sabila Man Performance Art Video

Healthy Living in Cotacachi:  Sabila Man Performance Art Video

Wilmer the sabila man makes living in Cotacachi a healthy, nutritious proposition.  Several days a week he sells vitamin-and mineral-rich aloe vera and flaxseed potions fresh on the streets of Cotacachi.

He further enriches our lives with his one-man show.  No one living in Cotacachi is immune to his antics once he starts to “mix it up.”  He delivers quite a performance as he concocts his nutrition-packed preparations, adding a little of this, a little of that.

Also read more about his aloe vera drink on this blog.

Click here for more information about aloe vera (sabila).



  1. Laura, when you watch the video you’ll see that Wilmer uses a small glass, like a shot glass, for his herbal concoctions, the one he’s serving to the man on the bicycle. Then he serves the sabila in tall glasses.

    He uses glass if you are going to drink your sabila at his stand. He gives you the drink in a plastic cup if you are going to be taking it with you. I agree with you that glass is a better choice if for no other reason than that the glass is reusable and plastic cups get thrown away.

    Wilmer has been on vacation in Peru for a long time and turned his cart over to a relative, who uses more plastic cups, I’ve noticed.

  2. The Music….Fabulous!
    I can hear the influence of native culures in the music.
    Does anyone know who the artist is that is playing on this video.?
    Elaine and I can’t wait to experience the influence of such rich ancient cultures of South America.

  3. I would like to see something a little more substantial in the way of the quality of health care in Ecuador. Most of the articles are about herbal remedies, which are interesting but I’m not going to make a decision to move to a country based on this. It would also help if you had a category for insurance.

    There are not many places one can find honest and straight forward answers – it certainly isn’t International Living.

  4. the water IS potable. It is treated.

    I have lived in Ecuador for over 3 years and drink the tap water all the time, in one way or another and I have had no problems.

  5. Hi,
    I am concerned that the water is not clean and drinkable. That it would affect our health. Parasites, pathogens etc… It is my understanding from reading that you should only drink bottled water…never use ice. Especially from any street vendor. If I am wrong please someone that lives there…please speak up.

  6. Great video! Thank you. But I’d worry about the hot liquids being poured directly into soft plastic containers, measuring cups, etc. This would leach out any BPAs, hormones, etc. in the plastic, and, of course, one would be drinking those as well. Better to use glass bottles.

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