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Costs For a Wedding in Ecuador

Many Ecuadorian families do not have enough money to have a large wedding. But for those with enough money, here are some sample costs.

The cost of the party depends of the city in Ecuador and the place where you will have your reception party. Prices range from $20- $40 per person, including food, decoration, wedding cake, music, place of the reception, and non alcoholics drinks (sparkling water, sodas). The average Ecuadorian wedding includes 200 guests.

Our customs are a little different from the US; we don’t have a rehearsal dinner. The parents of the groom usually pay for drinks and music and sometimes they will buy the bride’s wedding dress. The grandparents often offer to pay for the souvenirs, the wedding ring or the honeymoon. This is up to the grandparents and the parents of the bride will typically pay the remaining costs.

Recently, families divide the entire wedding cost between the 2 families. In some cases the bride and groom pay all costs.Here is an estimate for a typical wedding of 200 people.

  • Whiskey $700
  • Wedding Dress $500
  • Souvenirs $600
  • Honeymoon $500
  • Reception $6,000

Total cost for a 200 person wedding could range from $6,500 to $10,000, all depending on the location and selection of extras.

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  1. My daughter is planning to marry a man from Ecaudor. They will have a small ceremony in the U.S., followed some weeks or months later by a wedding in Ecuador. Neither ceremony is yet planned. As parents of the bride, we will be expected to pay for the ceremony here? What will the Ecuadoran family expect when it comes to paying for the wedding there? In the event that we are not able to attend, would the expectations change?

  2. Jessica, it depends where he’s from. He’d probably like to stay near his hometown. I have a few suggestions if he is from Ambato.

  3. my fiance is from ecuador and we are getting married there next year, any suggestions for a place to get married?

  4. I’ve enjoyed browsing this site. My fiance, who proposed to me on Valentine’s Day this year, is from Ecuador. We are planning to go to a family event there in April, so I’m trying to read as much as I can about Ecuador and I’m looking for things to do and places to go there, since we’ll be there about a week. Thanks for an informative blog!