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Phone Card to Call Ecuador

Pro-Ecuador Reader Question:

I would like to know if anybody has a recommendation for the best “Phone Card” to use to call from the States to Cotacachi ?

Pro-Ecuador response:

Skype is a great option. If you are calling friends in Ecuador with a high-speed internet connection the call is free. Otherwise, the following rates apply:

I have purchased phone cards from with success. I switched to Skype because the transaction charges are lower and and they detail charges for each call.

Question for Pro-Ecuador Readers:

What is your advice? Do you have any tips for calling Ecuador from the United State or other countries? Please use the comments function of this blog to post your ideas.


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  1. Hi, was just reading your blog and it’s quite interesting, considering I’m from Ecuador but now living in NY. It’s great to hear about your living experience over there !

    To answer your question about calls to Ecuador, I normally use Yahoo Phone Out thru their Yahoo Messenger service. Both landline and cellphones are under the Ecuador rate at $0.15 per minute (no tax like Skype).

    For cheaper calls, you’ll need to buy phone cards and I’ll try to see if they’re available online. Normally you can get 25-27 minutes for a $2 card – just landline !

    Any questions let me know