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Ecuador Internet Connection Speeds Up!

I just received an unexpected call from Andinanet, my Internet service provider in Ecuador. Andinanet is having a promotion until the end of December whereby they will upgrade the speed of my current DSL connection from 256K/128K to 512K/128K at no additional charge.

I know, these speeds seem very slow compared to speeds in North America or Europe; however, Ecuador lacks sufficient telecommunications infrastructure and the news of a 512K download speed had me dancing around the office. I have been hearing rumors of a new fiber optic line in Ecuador, but now I think it might be true.

Internet is still relatively expensive in Ecuador. The new 512K/128K DSL connection costs $79/month. If $79/month is too expensive for your Ecuador budget, Andinanet offers a range of less expensive (and slower) alternatives.

I’m happy with my Internet connection because I successfully do business by email, phone (VOIP), and FAX; people only know that I am in Ecuador when I reveal my secret!



  1. $79. is pretty darn high, esp. considering the speed. Suppose the other costs for living in Ecuador offset this one? I would like confirmation of that if anyone cares to take the time to comment. Thanks, JM

  2. I would like to let everyone know that my Internet connection did speed up as promised by Andinanet. I have downloads close to 550kbps and am very happy with the speed.