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Ecuador Beaches: Puerto Lopez, Part II

Ecuador Beaches: Puerto Lopez is a small beach town south of Manta in Manabi province.  It’s the closest town to Parque Nacional Machilalla. You’ll find the park headquarters near the town square.

Puerto Lopez is somewhat reminiscent of another popular tourist beach town further south, although Montenita’s exuberantly riotous and individualistic building style is more extreme. Puerto Lopez has a lot of downright ugly buildings but others are artistic architectural anomalies that catch your eye and are fun to photograph.  They beg to be noticed, but what else would you expect in a tourist town keen on capturing your tourist dollar.

Colorful shower stalls (duchas).

Their whimsical nature and hand-drawn designs gently entice tourists to stop by for a drink or a trinket.

Along the beach front there are attractive little beach hangouts that make me want to drop in and forget the cares of the world. 

Suddenly nothing is more important than kicking back with a coco loco and watching the sun go down.

I’m not sure if the sign reading, “Sexo en la Playa,” is announcing a specialty drink or is an invitation for something more physical.  If you’ve experienced this particular offering and would care to share with us, drop us a post.

In a pinch or if cash is scarce, a hammock is sufficient for long periods of loafing or sleeping.

I noticed lots of hammocks and lots of loafing.

Surf shack.

Belt out your favorite song.

Kid and canine recreation.

A 3-story commercial complex, Puerto Lopez-style.

Creative uses of thatch and bamboo.

If you spend any time in Puerto Lopez, be sure to take an extended stroll around the town to enjoy the interesting local buildings. And should you find any especially quirky ones, please post them on our Ecuador Travel Stories webpage.



  1. I would have to agree that Puerto Lopez is a dusty and dirty little town. That being said though, the beach is beautiful and the town has its charm despite the lack of paved streets. I recently visited a gated community north of Puerto Lopez about an hours drive, and I was extremely impressed with how wide the beach was there, and really quiet with hardly anyone on the beach.

    The sign at the entrance said Paradise exists at Mirador San Jose. Maybe it could be true, it sure looks like a good place to rent a house, or buy a lot to retire or build your vacation home.

  2. Kevin Donnelly says:

    Spent three weeks in Puerto Lopez. Loved every minute there. Walked the beach every day, took cruses, watch the fishing boat come in each afternoon and ate at most of the town’s flunkies but cheap restaurants.

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