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Ecuador Beaches: Puerto Lopez & Hosteria Mandala, Part III

Puerto Lopez is home to Hosteria Mandala, always a delight to visit.  The ‘green’ hosteria is a prototype for what this area can be if sustainability is practiced judiciously and creatively.  The entire complex is alive with color, flowers and highly imaginative art from all over the world.

Gary is front of the entry gates.  Whales tails are artfully carved into what I thought was a rare jungle wood.  Turns out it’s plywood that’s been cleverly sculpted in layers.

The pathways through the well-established gardens lead to numerous cabins, each with private bath, hammocks and mosquito netting.  The grounds are so thick with flowers and trees that you hardly notice the cabins.

It’s such a surprise to enter this jungle microcosm.  It’s as if you’ve stepped into another universe, far removed from the dust and clutter of the town.

Signs point the way to the cabins.

The beach in front of Hosteria Mandala is well-kept.

A whale skeleton greets visitors to the hosteria.

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  1. My wife and I spent 3 months in Ecuador in 2010 The Nantu Hosteria , in Porto Lopaz was an excellent place to stay. The staff and accomodation could not be faulted in any way. We hope to return soon.
    Our travels have been extensive over the years, However many places have been great and the Nantu Hosteria rates as one of the best ever.