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Early Morning Earthquake Felt in Cotacachi

Here I was enjoying a plate of blueberry-quinoa pancakes with Gary and Eliza, a friend from Vilcabamba, when things started to rock ‘n roll in Cotacachi around 9:15 this morning,shaking things up first in one direction and then another.

Gary and I are back in Cotacachi after a long vacation in the U. S.  We spent three months in California.  During our time there I never felt so much as a shiver in that earthquake-prone state.

Now after only a week back home in Ecuador, we are reminded that Ecuador shares a position with California on the infamous Ring of Fire.

We went outside in the street as the tremors continued, making the telephone wires shake for another 20 seconds or so.  Neighbors came out of their homes and businesses to wait for the quake to end.

We were experiencing the repercussions of a 7.0 quake whose epicenter was in Yacuanquer, Colombia, about 82 miles north of Cotacachi.  According to others the quake was also felt in Cuenca and Quito.

Having survived the Northridge quake in L. A. in 1994, this one was mild.  The L.A. quake occurred early in the morning (4:31 a.m.) while I was still in bed.

I awoke to watch in horror as a fully-loaded large bookcase fell on my bed.  Luckily it stopped at a 45 degree angle instead of landing straight down on top of me and I avoided serious injury.

Glass shattered throughout the apartment and the quake went on violently for some time. I was extremely fortunate because there was extensive damage throughout the city–collapsed bridges and freeways and destroyed homes and businesses.  It registered 6.7 and was only a few miles away from where I lived in Marina del Rey.

Of the several tremors in Cotacachi in the last six years, this one was the strongest that I recall.



  1. bob e burnham says:

    I had just left Quito, having also witnessed the NR quake in Southern Cal. It can be very disorienting.

    Blueberry quinoa pancakes recipe please

  2. I had never experienced an earthquake before so it was quite a disturbing experience,to say the least. I was sitting on the edge of my bed and thought I was having a blood sugar drop as I became quite dizzy. A neighborhood dog started to howl and then my bed started to move as if I hit a wave in a boat. My husband and I headed out of our apartment and to the front yard. It took me all day to get my equilibrium back.

    Very glad it wasn’t worse and no major damage done.

    Blueberry quinoa pancakes sounds yummy! I would also like the recipe if you will share.

  3. I also remember the Northridge, CA quake. Having grown up in So. California, earthquakes were just a part of life, but after a certain magnitude, all bets are off.

    Would you be willing to share your recipe for the blueberry quinoa pancakes? Two of my favorite foods!

    • Yes, I’ll share the blueberry quinoa recipe. Here’s the link to a blog I just wrote with the recipe–

      Remember that blueberries are good for you if you start to feel guilty about the butter and syrup.