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Dalai Lama Said to Be in Residence in Cotacachi

Rumors and small towns seem to go together and Cotacachi is no exception.  Whether it’s expats telling tales about other expats, jealous indigenous trying to get their rivals in trouble or the locals delighting in spreading stories about the goings-on of the gringo-locos, the energy is all the same.

However, one particular rumor has me taking notice and wanting to know more.  I’m suddenly much more alert to the whisperings that go on in restaurants.  My ears are in a constant state of radar-readiness.

It’s a real trick to appear inconspicuous and nonchalant as I lean toward people discussing this latest juicy tidbit. I drop my napkin a lot.

So here it is:  Rumor has it that the Dalai Lama is staying somewhere in Cotacachi.  I know this is totally improbable. My very own skeptical button is beeping at a solid level 10.  Nevertheless, I have taken it upon myself to track this story down, especially since sightings of the venerable one are growing.

After all, as a long-time meditator, I’d hock my Tibetan prayer rug for a chance to sit respectfully at the feet of this enlightened master and imbibe some of the unconditional love radiating from such a being.

With my camera and note pad, reverently thumbing my mala beads and mumbling mantras, I am hot on the path to nirvana, following the holy leads.  The Dalai (or is it Dali or Dolly?) Lama (Llama?)was last seen sitting serenely in a meditative pose in a meadow outside town.  I’m making a list of likely hang-outs; after all, there are a number of old monasteries around.

My report will follow in a few days.



  1. Gary,

    Did you mean to say the Dale Lama? I have seen him in Cotacachi a lot.

  2. Hola,

    The Dalai Lama IS coming to the Boston area in October, if you do want to see him. This is true!

    Be well,

  3. His Holiness’ schedule is not a secret. He has a website. Here is a link with details.

    Sorry to note that there is no visit to any part of South America planned this year.