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Cotacachi Health Care: Free Dentistry for Students

A few days ago, I was walking down the street and I came to this truck. Of course, being the curious type, I stuck my head Ecuador Health Care

inside to see what was going on. This is what I saw:

dentristry in Ecuador

The man didn’t look so happy at being interrupted, but after a couple of minutes of talking and him seeing my interest, he perked up and answered my questions. Seems that the Canton of Cotacachi bought this dental van, complete with x-ray machine, to travel around the Canton (county) taking care of children’s teeth.

He was parked outside of a school, with about three children in line waiting. The dentist said the entire service was free, paid for by the municipal government. They provided all the work needed, cleaning, filling, crowns and insets.

Every day he travels the the country-side, bringing healthy teeth to the children of Cotacachi. I can’t tell you how refreshing this was to me. To think that a government cares enough about it’s children to provide free dental care! What a concept!

I wonder how much dental care the U.S. could buy with what it costs to purchase a blackhawk war helicopter, or a stryker armored vehicle, or the cost of one day’s fighting in Iraq? Isn’t that food for thought?

As I backed out of the truck, the dentist went back to work. Lots of children in Cotacachi need dental care, and he didn’t have much time to talk to gringos with cameras.

dental care in Ecuador



  1. Here is a Flouride spill which required special hazmat teams to respond. The chemical is so toxic that it ate through the concrete! And this is ok in our water and for our teeth and body?

  2. It’s great that they are offering this service to children. But, I’m afraid with all of the advances in dental technology, what sort of fillings are they using for the children’s teeth? I hope it’s not mercury. Here in the U.S., mercury fillings are being removed by dentists as studies done in the past 20 years have shown significant and sever health issues with this toxic filling. Why on earth would anyone think that putting mercury in our mouths was such a good idea in the first place? Of course, now we are paying the price.

    We brush and floss, swish and gargle, and drink fluoridated water* that is supposed to strengthen our teeth. And yet, at one point or another, we still end up in the dentist’s chair, dreading that horrid drill that chips away at our precious teeth. If we are doing everything we should, like the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends, why are our teeth in such poor shape? The average 20 to 39 year old is missing 1 tooth, the average 40 to 59 year old 3.5 teeth, and those aged 60 and over are missing 8 teeth.

    We are told this rampant tooth decay is inevitable, that it is the cause of genetics, aging, and “bad” germs. But the ADA’s theory that bad germs cause tooth decay has been unproven to date, and there is much research to the contrary from some of the world’s leading dentists, showing that it is OUR DIET and not germs that most greatly affects and determines the well-being of our teeth.

    When we cut out certain foods that harm our teeth and add others that provide the vitamins and nutrients needed to make our teeth strong and resilient, it is actually possible to HALT tooth decay, strengthen our gums, heal cavities, stop painful toothaches and remineralize teeth.

    Dentist and medical experts worldwide have concluded what our grandparents have known all along (giving us fish oil and/or castor oil as children). A diet which includes fat-soluble vitamins – such as vitamins A, D, E, and K – and their important role as “activators” that help our bodies absorb important minerals such as calcium, iron & phosphorous. The significant difference between peoples and cultures with excellent teeth and those experiencing extensive tooth decay is precisely the presence or lack-thereof of these fat-soluble vitamins. This is something Dr. Price revealed in a publication of the Journal of the American Dental Association in 1936, and yet the ADA has completely ignored their [own] message.

    And if you really think about it, you would understand why – dentists have to pay off their college loans, they have rent and staffing costs to worry about, and they would also like to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. And by acknowledging this information, they would be shooting themselves in the foot! If people took their dental health into their own hands, dentists would be out of a job! So the medical schools do not even cover this important issue of how including a good amount of fat soluble vitamins in the diet can guarantee excellent dental health, with 100% certainty.

    Instead of drilling into these poor children’s teeth, they should focus on diet as a first defense and educate the community. It is the processed diet that leads to this rampant tooth decay – foods high in sugars, processed foods, and the overall ‘american’ diet which has overtaken countries with fast food and quick snacks to cause an epidemic in tooth health.

    Want proof??

    If you have some time, I highly recommend reading this:

    It shows the research of Dr. Price, and his discovery of ancient people’s, and how they had absolutely no tooth decay. Their teeth were in perfect and pristine condition. Yes, they were dirty, but the health of their teeth was beyond explanation. And this is everywhere.

    Another book of interest:

    Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel

    Both will provide you with more insight and education on the health of your teath and how your DIET DIRECTLY affects decay. Flouride does nothing, and drilling or fillings are not necessary. Flouride as we all know is the toxic by-product of the industry, sold to the public as a good thing. If it’s so good for us, why is that Flouride is classified as a poison, as dangerous as cyanide? To handle it, one must wear protective suits, gloves, and a gas mask. How is this good for our teeth?

    Watch this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdfNfxDNLxk

  3. Hi Michael,

    We did move to Ecuador permanently, two years ago, and love it It’s costing us about $600 per month living expenses and the doctors here make house calls for $25.

    Kids and adults can actually walk the streets at night, without fear of getting mugged. I ride the bus to Quito, two hours away, and it costs me $2–no subsidy.

    We did have a Muslim ally in the Middle East–Pakistan. Have you checked out what we are doing there lately? We’re not making many friends.

    Thanks for reading.

  4. Michael Mattei says:

    Yeah I too wonder how much “free” dental care the US could provide for the cost of the Amtrack subsidies or if a voucher system brought competition into public education or if billions in fraud were eliminated from Medicare and Food Stamps.

    While paying 1/10 of the actual cost of your train ride does absolutely nothing but increase the tax burden for all of us, every additional day we fight for the Iraqis brings them one more day closer to a stable government, and one day closer to a stable, muslim ally in the heart of the Middle East.

    Your short sightedness, revealed by the ridiculous examples of ways the US could provide “free” health is staggering. Please just move to Ecuador-permanently.