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Champagne Beach Living on a Beer Budget

ATTENTION lovers of spectacular sunsets, great  beaches, picturesque fishing villages and ocean-side living.  Gary and I know from our own explorations of Ecuador beaches that finding a coastal village with all these attributes that is also safe, clean and has reasonably priced accommodations isn’t easy.

We’ve been up and down the Ecuador coast and spent more nights than we care to remember in overpriced hotels with poor service, marginal food, skimpy towels, inconsistent water pressure and squeaky or non-existent air conditioning.  Forget luxury, just give me a room that’s not swelteringly hot, aggravatingly noisy or teeming with help who don’t know the meaning of customer service.

On our last visit to the Ecuador coast we stumbled upon a real find in Crucita and we’re glad to be able to share this gem with our readers.  It’s a private beach house and not a hotel, but since catering and laundry service can be arranged for a fee and twice-weekly maid service is included in the rental price, you can avail yourself of whatever level of pampering suits you.

If you are yearning for R&R in a luxurious oceanfront setting but don’t want to stay in an expensive, generic hotel, it’s perfect.  How’d you like to stay in a new, spotlessly clean, two-bedroom Ecuador beach house right on the water at a price that’s less than most budget Quito hotels?

How’d you like to prepare fresh fish and seafood in your own gourmet kitchen?

And dine with unparalleled vistas of sea and sky?  Or sunbathe on your secluded terrace?

Best of all, the gracious owners of this beach house are likely to invite you across the street to their home for a soak in their jacuzzi or a breakfast with home-made bread or sweet rolls.

Their 2200 square foot contemporary Ecuador beach house rental has a large privacy-fenced, landscaped yard with shady palms, lush lawn and masses of bright red hibiscus.

There are 2 bedrooms and 2 baths.

Living room

Luxury appointments include  a washing machine, air conditioning, alarm system, tile and mahogany floors, granite kitchen counter tops, spacious covered patios.

There is also a second-story lanai and one-car garage.

The house comes with free internet.  The owners say the beaches of Crucita offer the safest swimming in all of Ecuador. We both took a dip in the ocean to find out for ourselves.  The water was great and the waves gentle.

Besides the usual water sports of swimming, body surfing and sailing, there is also jet skiing, fishing and paragliding.
All this can be yours for a mere $350 per week or $1200 a month.  Share the house with another couple and the savings are even more significant.

The owners, Janine and Rob, have lived on this beach since 2006 and have created quite a paradise for themselves.  They are very involved with the local community and will be able to provide all kinds of good information about Ecuador beach living.

To contact them or to make a reservation,please click here and fill out the form.



  1. I am interested in buying something simple, 2 bed is fine, but I am also afraid of bei8ng alone, so an apt would be preferable. I am thinking of douing this within the year.

  2. meredith says:

    Hi Robert
    thanks for your reply. keep me posted. my wife and i would like to come to ecuador during our winter months . i haven’t got a feel for what we can expect the weather to be on your coast in jan -feb. how about the rain and humidity? if you can give us ideas for finding a furnished house to rent we would be thankful. thanks !! meredith & ruth shaffer

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