Hotels in Cotacachi

Several readers have inquired about hotels in Cotacachi. Two hostels in Cotacachi offer good value at very reasonable prices. Hostel Tierra Mia on Bolivar just off leather street charges $7 per person. Hostal Posada Munaylla, on the corner of leather street (Diez de Agosto) and Sucre has beds for $8 […]

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Premier Home for Sale in Cotacachi

Premier Home for Sale in Cotacachi

THIS HOUSE IS SOLD.  Thanks for your interest A home in San Miguel Homes and Gardens, just outside of Cotacachi, came on the market last week. This one is a gem! The couple selling it is not very happy about it, but health problems are making it difficult to move […]

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Goal to Eliminate Child Malnutrition in Cotacachi Canton

Linda and I had a wonderful visit today with Teresa Jaramillo and her husband Manuel Pazmino. Teresa is the director of public health in the Canto of Cotacachi. Cotacachi Canton (like a county) is the largest in the province of Imbabura. A few years ago, the canton inaugerated a system […]

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Florida, Montana, or Ecuador???

Florida, Montana, or Ecuador???

I just finished talking to a friend in Montana, the land of cold, snow, and ice. He shared with us that he had just been delivered a wallop on the side of the head from the sub-prime real estate crisis. Then he gave us a piece of news that was […]