Places in Ecuador

How to Get Robbed in Quito

How to Get Robbed in Quito

During the past three months of Quito-living, Simon and I have managed to remain unscathed – no robberies or kidnappings that we’d heard so much about. But as safe as Quito may have become in the last few years, we made a mistake when we decided to go bargain hunting! […]

Atacames Beach, Ecuador Photo by Aaron Phelps

Ecuador Beaches: A Quiet Interlude in Atacames

  Our first in-the-water experience with Ecuador beaches was in Atacames, a major party scene.  It usually throbs and gyrates day and night during holidays, but we happened to show up during one of its calmer periods. Gary and I were invited to spend two days and nights in the […]

Cotacachi Land

Green Dreams: Our Land in Cotacachi

Cotacachi is a green valley protected by a ring of mountain peaks.   Observing the changing colors in the patchwork of farms and fields that blanket the mountainsides is one of my favorite past times. Since Ecuador has a dry season and a wet season, half the year the pastures fade […]

Mompiche: One of the Last Ecuador Beach Paradises

Mompiche: One of the Last Ecuador Beach Paradises

A love of food, the beach and a birthday brought us to Mompiche… One of the last idyllic and untouched beaches in Ecuador, Mompiche was a wonderful surprise birthday treat. My boyfriend Simon was recommended Cabañas Iruña by our Ecuadorian neighbor – simple, secluded, right on the beach and the caretaker […]

tiny fungi i found at cascadas azul in ecuador near mindo

Swimming in Blue Waters: A Short Trip to Cascadas Azul near Mindo

Breath-taking, humbling, inspiring – Ecuador hides many secret places, where it’s just you and nature. I found one such tranquil space last week. Our Spanish teacher, Ligia Perez, invited us to stay a night at her family house in a nature reserve near Mindo called Cascadas Azul (Blue Waterfall). Mindo […]