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Mechanic in Quito

Pro-Ecuador reader question: My wife and I are living in Quito, and are wondering if you know of a good mechanic in Quito that speaks English? Thanks again, you have some amazing information here! Pro-Ecuador response: We recommend that you try ExiAuto located at Avenida La Prensa 4235 and V […]

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Map of Ecuador

I travel everywhere with my Berndtson & Berndtson laminated map of Ecuador. People always ask where to buy one. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a good quality laminated map for sale in Ecuador. I have been all over Ecuador and still use my map all the time. […]

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Florida, Montana, or Ecuador???

Florida, Montana, or Ecuador???

I just finished talking to a friend in Montana, the land of cold, snow, and ice. He shared with us that he had just been delivered a wallop on the side of the head from the sub-prime real estate crisis. Then he gave us a piece of news that was […]

Ecuador Internet Connection Speeds Up!

I just received an unexpected call from Andinanet, my Internet service provider in Ecuador. Andinanet is having a promotion until the end of December whereby they will upgrade the speed of my current DSL connection from 256K/128K to 512K/128K at no additional charge. I know, these speeds seem very slow […]

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Air Conditioning Not Required

Pro-Ecuador received the following question: I’m interested in the possibility of moving to Ecuador & would like to find an area/elevation which does not require air conditioning, yet is within a reasonable distance to the coast where there is some good surfing spots. We’d like to be able to raise […]

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