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A View From the Roof: Dramatic Changes in Store for Cotacachi, Northern Ecuador

By Gary Phillips Linda and I arrived back in Cotacachi on the evening of Feb. 1 after nearly 5 months in the states.   While walking to Serendipity restaurant for dinner, we met two friends who joined us.  They filled us in on new happenings.   The next morning we went for […]

A View From the Roof: CIA Allegedly Using Drug Money to Defeat President Correa

Since the U. S. election, several things have happened that are already reverberating loudly across Latin America. For decades, the U.S. has been the primary sponsor of the  “War on Drugs.” The primary focus of this war has been the disruption and interdiction of illegal drugs produced in Latin American […]

A View From the Roof:  Divine Hand Revealed in Scholarship Fund-Raiser

A View From the Roof: Divine Hand Revealed in Scholarship Fund-Raiser

By Gary Phillips Sometimes, when things don’t work out, I fuss and stew, bemoaning my bad luck.  But most of the time, if I can just have a bit of patience, assuming the posture of an observer instead of a “harmed participant,” things have a way of sorting themselves out, […]

A View From the Roof: Ecuador Health Care and Insurance Offers Great Bargain gets many inquiries about health insurance and medical care.  While I cannot write a comprehensive article about this subject, I can give you some ideas about what to expect if you decide to move here and need health insurance coverage. Many people opt to self-insure.  While this may cause […]

A View from the Roof: Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Interviews Ecuadorian President Correa!

One of the most frequent questions we get from clients who are considering moving to Ecuador is, “What about Rafael Correa, what about the government, isn’t it socialist?” Watch the Video Interview with President Correa below. To answer that question, my typical response is, “Yes, Rafael Correa is leftist, leftist […]