Ecuador Tourist Visa

Great New Information on Ecuador Visas

The information below on Ecuador Visas, short and medium term,  was extracted from  This forum provides a really a great service for expats living here and those contemplating living here.   If you have any interest in Ecuador, I highly recommend it. I signed up for a summary email […]

Ecuador Tourist Visas, Leaving the Country for Renewal: Update

I’m starting a new thread on the subject of Ecuador Tourist VIsas.  A reader submitted the following question: I was thinking about doing what you said and leaving the country for a short period of time before my 90 days are up, but someone told me I would need proof […]

Ecuador Tourist Visas: Don’t Be Late Exiting Ecuador or It Will Cost You!

Around October, the government of Ecuador changed the exit rules.  If you overstay your visa, you now must pay $200 to exit the country and then wait six months before you can return to Ecuador.  They enter information into their immigration computers so they know when you come and go. […]

Yes, You Can Go Across the Border to Renew Your Ecuador Tourist Visa!

For weeks, we have been telling people, based on information from our attorney in Quito, that an Ecuador visitor can go across the border to renew an Ecuador Tourist Visa for an additional 90 days just before the initial 90-day visa expires. Today, we have proof! Kristen and Frank, two […]

Ecuador Residency Visa: One Family’s Experience

We continually receive inquiries about Ecuador Residency Visas.  We share our experience as best we can, but with the continually changing landscape in this subject area, it is often hard to follow. The following post is by Kirsten, one of the people who went on our last Intro to Ecuador […]