Ecuador Residency Visa

Great New Information on Ecuador Visas

The information below on Ecuador Visas, short and medium term,  was extracted from  This forum provides a really a great service for expats living here and those contemplating living here.   If you have any interest in Ecuador, I highly recommend it. I signed up for a summary email […]

Cotacachi Expats Meeting at La Turista Restaurant

Cotacachi Expats Meeting at La Turista Restaurant

Cotacachi Expats Meeting at La Turista Restaurant May 21, 2010 Editor’s Note: This article is the result of a meeting of Cotacachi expats.  It contains useful information for expats in Ecuador as well as others who are contemplating a move to Ecuador.  Some of the information in the article is […]

Ecuador Residency Visa: One Family’s Experience

We continually receive inquiries about Ecuador Residency Visas.  We share our experience as best we can, but with the continually changing landscape in this subject area, it is often hard to follow. The following post is by Kirsten, one of the people who went on our last Intro to Ecuador […]

Ecuador Banks: Are They Safe?

We recently received the following question from a reader about Ecuador Banks: I am wondering if you can tell me your opinion on Ecuadorian banks. I am planning to visit Ecuador, possibly Cotacachi, in the next couple of months, and in that time I would be interested in opening a […]

Residency Visa Alert! Must Read If You Plan on Getting Residency

Yesterday we received a call from a friend who purchased an apartment in Colonial Quito about a year ago.  She and her husband came here two weeks ago from the U.S. with the intention of getting their residency visas.  They have all their standard paperwork in order. Their attorney advised […]