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Ecuador President Correa Spurned by New Jersey Mayor

According to the Jersey Journal, the mayor of Union City, New Jersey, Brian Stack, refused to allow Ecuador President Rafael Correa to attend a cultural event at Union City High School. His reasoning?  “It was evident that President Correa has associated with Fidel and Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez of […]

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Ecuador Voters Ponder Controversial Questions

Ecuador Voters Ponder Controversial Questions

Two days ago Gary informed me that Saturday, May 7, was voting day in Cotacachi.  He also  reminded me that in Ecuador, by law we are required to vote, so we set about studying an English translation of the referendum items Gary had received by email on Friday.  We read […]

Part III: Ecuador and the World: A Macrocosmic View

By Linda McFarlin Europe Ignites in Righteous Anger at Govt Austerity Measures In the larger scheme of things, the latest clash of wills in Ecuador seems pretty mild compared to the looming chaos in Europe.  The EU is poised to fall in a domino effect as weaker economies like Greece, […]

Ecuador Police Protest Bonus Cuts, Violence Erupts in Quito

Part II:  Ecuador Protests: The Microcosmic View By Linda McFarlin Don’t miss tomorrow’s column:  The Macrocosmic View: Europe is Burning. You may widen your perspective considerably. By bedtime Thursday night the police vs the president drama seemed to be just another chaotic event in Ecuador, and quite short-lived compared to […]

One-Day Police Strike: Is Correa Friend or Foe—An Ongoing Debate in Ecuador

Part I:  The Mini-Microcosmic View First of a three part series.  Tomorrow, the Microcosmic View.  Monday, the Macrocosmic View By Linda McFarlin A dramatic event is unfolding in Ecuador.  On Thursday, Oct. 1, President Correa stepped out onto the balcony of the  presidential palace in Quito’s historic district to personally […]