Ecuador Laws

Ecuadorian Citizenship

Ecuadorian Citizenship

For different reasons many people ask about the possibility of getting Ecuadorian citizenship. It’s not too difficult but you need to be sure that your home country permits dual citizenship or be prepared to become 100% Ecuadorian. US citizens are most likely familiar with the “loss of citizenship” warning printed […]

Questions about Bring Gold to Ecuador, Tourist Visas received the following question: I read your post about bringing gold into Ecuador and I was wondering what happens when you declare over $10k in gold. Do you pay taxes or some fee? If I came with gold I would be an American coming from Venezuela. I was also […]

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You Can Bring Gold to Ecuador

We recently had a question from a reader whether it is legal to bring gold into Ecuador, and to buy and sell gold. Acutally, I have had this question twice in the last week.’s Martha Perez went to work looking for an answer. She didn’t have to look far […]

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Taxes in Ecuador

Pro-Ecuador received the following question: “I am researching retirement options in Ecuador. I found conflicting information on this site and Global Investors regarding Ecuador’s tax on personal income not earned in Ecuador. I do not plan to work and will live off existing income from my USA Investments. Global Investors […]

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Estate Planning for Foreigners in Ecuador

One of our readers recently asked, “what happens if a foreigner dies in Ecuador?” This is a good question so I asked Pro-Ecuador’s Martha Perez. Martha worked at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Washington, D.C. for many years and has friends and associates working in Embassies throughout Quito. Martha says: “The […]

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