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Ecuador’s Sarayaku Celebrate Victory Over Government, Oil Extraction

Ecuador’s Sarayaku Celebrate Victory Over Government, Oil Extraction

In a battle that lasted 8 years, the indigenous tribe known as the Sarayaku finally triumphed.   The government of Ecuador was found guilty of violating their human rights in trying to force them to accept oil drilling on their ancestral lands. 80 members of the Sarayaku, a Kichwa tribe living in […]


Ecuador President Rafael Correa Talks about his Stance on Gay Marriage, Gay Rights

We occasionally get inquires from members of the LGBT community about attitudes regarding gay couples and gay rights in Ecuador. (See video of Correa below) Ecuador has long been a leader in Latin American countries in passing beneficial gay rights legislation. In 1998, a new constitution  became the first in the Americas to […]

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Death, Debt and Petro Dollars in Ecuador

Death, Debt and Petro Dollars in Ecuador

A toxic triumvirate of situations is brewing in Ecuador.  These three unfolding developments have the potential to negatively impact the quality of life for all of us, not just Ecuadorian indigenous who seem the most adversely affected. Ecuador has been busy racking up an enormous debt to China since 2009, […]

Assange Asylum in Ecuador? UK Guardian Says Yes, Correa Says Not Yet

The UK Guardian has just quoted an Ecuadorian official as announcing that Julian Assange has been granted asylum in Ecuador by president Raphael Correa. The government of Ecuador wants to help protect Assange’s life and his freedom, believing that if he is extradited to Sweden, he will face the death […]

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Ecuador Driver’s License Now Easier to Get

If there was ever a place where if you don’t like the rules, just wait a few minutes and they will change, Ecuador is it. We have been here for five years now, and one of the most difficult things to get was an Ecuador Drivers License.   There seemed […]