Ecuador Birds

tiny fungi i found at cascadas azul in ecuador near mindo

Swimming in Blue Waters: A Short Trip to Cascadas Azul near Mindo

Breath-taking, humbling, inspiring – Ecuador hides many secret places, where it’s just you and nature. I found one such tranquil space last week. Our Spanish teacher, Ligia Perez, invited us to stay a night at her family house in a nature reserve near Mindo called Cascadas Azul (Blue Waterfall). Mindo […]

Ecuador Hummingbirds: They Hop, Hit and Fight

Ecuador  Hummingbirds:  They Hop, Hit and Fight Did you know that hummingbirds in Ecuador hop on the ground and hit each other on the head? I’ve watched the frenetic jewel-toned creatures flit around our deck for years but it’s hard to even snap a picture they move so fast. Now […]

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