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Beautiful Building Lot: Best Value We’ve Found

Beautiful Building Lot: Best Value We’ve Found

This property is sold.


Incredible deal on 11,000 square meters of land near Cotacachi.  This almost 2.7 acres of scenic buildable property is priced at $5.80 per square meter, a fraction of the price of a similar piece of property 100 meters away which is priced at $17 per square meter.


With irrigation, avocado and fruit trees, great mountain views, and mature evergreens along one border, this is one of the best deals we’ve seen.   Comes with electricity, city water and city sewer.


An eager buyer is ready to purchase half of this bargain-priced land but the owner is not willing to split the property in half.  Call us today if home or land ownership in Cotacachi is your dream.  We’ll help you purchase the other half of this gorgeous property. Almost 1.35  acres of land for $31,900!



  1. I am sorry everybody. But living in the US is something most of the world doesn’t want to do. And those that live there and have land and a home or homes, are now looking to get out. SORRY, but you are missing the big picture.The US will continue to tank. It has to because of how it is being run. However yes, Ecuadorean land may or may not be expensive considering the cost of living and wages there. However, if you go there … 90 percent of the time you can always make a good deal. The trick is NOT to buy from foreigners or gringos that live there. Published online prices are usually gringos living there wanting to make a good buck. Think about it.

  2. Eunice Howe says:

    You are completely correct….renting is the best option!
    I currently own a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom condo here in Cotacachi….it is for sale! $55,500……..a good deal!
    My email phone Ecuador Cell

  3. I have said the same thing about the cost of land in Ecuador. The cost of land is expensive. Any gringo who leaves American or Canada with the thought that he can buy a peace of paradise on the cheap is dreaming.

    There is plenty of land in America, good land, fertile land, beautiful land- near to high civilization- for less per acre than what you would pay in Ecuador in the Sierras. My brother purchased 10 acres in a beautiful section of the Catskills for 6500 per acre! If you want to escape, there are plenty of places to do go to back home- assuming you want to be close to the land. And now is a good time to buy, people are desperate for money.

    Mortgages are not easy to get, so you have cash, you can really bargain. Expats be wary of your exotic dreams! I have lived in Italy, Thailand and the Philippines as well, and I still think North America is still the best buy our global village. I do like tramping around the world a bit, but if I shoot roots, it will be back home eventually. Rent- that’s what I suggest. In some cases, as in most of Asia, you have no alternative, unless you want to purchase a condo there.

  4. david mcmillen says:

    It would seem that raw undeveloped land in a small village with little to offer except views at $23,629 an acre is a bit pricy. An acre 1 1/2 hour away from NYC will cost about that much and have views also.. And NYC has a lot more to offer as to diversions. For that price it could have a small stream on it.
    I bought 20 acres upstate NY with a stream and views for $20,000, albeit uncleared and 4 hours from NYC.

    • People are often surprised when the find out the cost of land in Ecuador. I only know of a couple pieces of land that have sold for less than $7,000 per acre, and if the land in question is near town, the price goes up into the area of $20,000 per acre. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not due to foreigners coming in, but a natural increase that is being driven primarily by Ecuadorian buyers.

      Cost of living in Ecuador is low, building costs are low, but land is not. This may be due to the fact that many families have lots of children. The population is growing dramatically. Ecuador is a small country. Land near population centers is typically high. Occasionally, we find good bargains. Last week, we sold a 5 hectare (12.5 acre) piece with an old hacienda on it for $95,000. This was a rare bargain, by a motivated buyer.


  5. Hello, Please send me more info on this great piece of property!

  6. Andrea Lyman says:

    My husband and I are visiting Cotacachi Feb. 16-19 and would love to see this property! We are also interested in seeing other possibilities as well. We were not able to get in to one of the Scott’s real estate tours while there, since the dates didn’t match up. I was there last March and loved the area. I am bringing my husband this time so he can see what he thinks about it. Please let me know.
    Thank you so much!!
    Andrea Lyman and Michael Pinchera