Barack Obama: An Astrologer’s Assessment

I just received an astrological reading on Barack Obama from a good friend of ours, Govinda Miller.  Govinda is a well known astrologer living in Idaho.  Govinda and I were in the same meditation teacher training class in 1996 in North Carolina.

I encourage all of you to read this article.  It is a message of hope from the stars.  I certainly hope the stars are right.  Click on the headline below and enjoy!

An Astrological Profile

of Barrack Obama



  1. although this an old post , i just came across it and frankly this interpretation is a childs view of a world they obviously dont understand. barrack obama is the wolf , he wil eviserate america. he is a pawn of his global banking masters and is already proving to be WORSE than bush. and he tirelessly help poor communities in chicago . where did you get that from? HIS website. try looking at the people around him . TRY to understand what it means that his 1st job was with kiseenger associates and that his mother worked for the ford foundation. when you understand all the connections with the CFR , TRILATERAL COMMISSION , BILNDERBUREGERS ETC , you can go back and re interrpret the stars

  2. Gloria Erickson says:

    I agree with Juanita (above) and want to thank you for posting the interpretation of President Obama’s astrological chart.
    It’s completely relevant to what’s happening in the world and effects all of us. I sent it out to my family and friends.

    Blessings and thanks for all that you do.

    Gloria Erickson

  3. Hi Gary and Linda,

    I see no reason to apologize for having President Barack Obama’s astrological assessment on this site. No one HAS to read it if they aren’t interested!

    However, demonstrated by the positive reaction from around the world to Obama’s election and inauguration, his character and vision ARE of importance to ALL who understand that the earth and our human civilization are undergoing a major change that is supported by a fundamental shift in spiritual awareness and guidance.

    One of the reasons that Ecuador is such a special place is because her indigenous peoples have always maintained awareness of our spiritual connection to our Mother planet and its inhabitants (both human and otherwise).

    Obama carries that same inter-cultural spiritual awareness and know sthat we are ONE PEOPLE sharing ONE HOME…so his consciousness is as important to Ecuador as it is to the U.S.

    As the myth implies, the world will heal when the Eagle (North America) and the Condor (Central and South America) fly together. Therefore, Obama’s leadership matters to the entire hemisphere.

    We are one interdependent human family and fortunate to finally have a leader on the world stage who is intuitively aware and empowered to motivate and empower we the people (not just of the US but of other countries as well)!

    It is only through recognizing and embracing our common good as opposed to our differences that our human family will be able to survive and heal our planet. Obama knows this at a soul level and — with our help as responsibile individuals who also recognize that we are spiritual beings sharing the human adventure — has shown that he can inspire and awaken millions.

    We ARE the ones the world has been waiting for! And he is helping us to waken to that shared vision and responsibility! No wonder millions around the world celebrated and cried tears of joy and recognition!

    No, we cannot hold our breath. Rather, we must each breathe deeply into that space of our own inner knowing and seek guidance as to our own individual part to play in the co-creation of a world that works for all.

    Love, light and laughter,
    Juanita Ruth One
    Holding the World in the Light of Peace

  4. Why do we have this on the Ecuador blog?
    There are so many other things more pertinant to
    Ecuador than Barrack’s horiscope!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!