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Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador–Just Say Yes!!!!

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador–Just Say Yes!!!!

(Editor’s Note:  Here’s a glowing report of their 18-day vacation in Bahia de Caraquez by  two of our readers–Mike and Tess Neuroth)

My husband and I had the pleasure of spending 18 wonderful days in Bahia de Caraquez, an eco-city in Ecuador. Bahia is located on the sandy peninsula on the northwestern coast of Ecuador on the Pacific Ocean.  The weather is great.  It was around 80-85 degrees our entire stay. Believe me, coming from Iowa in the winter months, it was a very welcome change!


We found the people to be very friendly and kind.  We felt safe walking anytime day or night.  Crime is something that just rarely happens here.


We also met people from all over the world, here is Jan from New York (center), Susy from the Coco Bongo Hostal, who is from Australia, (right), and myself (left).

It was very inexpensive to stay in Bahia. Transportation was very cheap.  A bicycle taxi costing a mere 50 cents and a yellow cab only one dollar.  We chose to walk most of the time.

Meals were also at a very good price.  A dinner of delicious fresh shrimp and French fries (which was big enough to split) was only $4.00 – $4.50.  If you like fresh seafood you are in the right place. 

Bahia is absolutely beautiful. The beach and the town were very clean. There is so much to see. We spent a day on a shrimp farm watching them harvest.


They also let us lend a helping hand. We rode a scooter down the beach a couple of days. Between the cliffs and the ocean it was absolutely breathtaking.


Yes, that’s me in front of the cliff !!


At low tide people hunt for squid.

We spent a day in Chirije, which is an actual archaeological dig site. There is a great on-site museum. It is beach access only to get to Chirije, which was part of our adventure and very beautiful. You may also overnight at Chirije, with very nice bamboo cabins. It would be a very secluded, relaxing and romantic place to stay.

Bahia also has a yacht club, Puerto Amistad, which is owned by Tripp and his wife Maye. They were very helpful and spoke very good English. The food was great! They had one of the best cheeseburgers we have ever had.  Who knew we’d have to go to Ecuador for the best cheeseburger ever.


You can also see in the background of this picture the longest bridge being built in Ecuador!!! The bridge will connect San Vicente and Bahia.


We made a trip across the bay to San Vicente on a water taxi (30 cents).


Once there, we hopped on a motorcycle taxi to Canoa, a great place to surf and party. The beaches are beautiful.


The Surf Shack is owned by a couple from America and is a great place to eat and have a cold beer.

Ecuador is looking to improve their tourism. They are always working to improve the roads between Manta and Bahia. The new Quito airport will make it much easier to reach. Also a new airport in San Vicente will let you fly direct from Quito.


We stayed at the CasaGrande Boutique Hotel. We just can’t say enough good things about it. It is a very large home converted into a bed & breakfast. The rooms were very nice and very clean. We had a great ocean front view, one of the best in Bahia.   They also had a very nice pool and lounge area.



With a high tide and low tide view.

Our hosts and owner, Maria, Patricio and their staff couldn’t have been anymore helpful. Patricio was very quick and helpful returning e-mails when we were planning our trip. He speaks very good English, as does a lot of the staff. They were all very knowledgeable when we were planning our events for the day.

Everyone was so pleasant, checking on us every day to make sure everything was okay and to see if we needed anything. The breakfasts were out of this world…. I would suggest the shrimp omelet…. delicious. Needless to say they spoiled us.


This is what we woke up to every morning. Believe me, once you’ve stayed at CasaGrande, you will never want to stay anywhere else.
If you are thinking about Ecuador – Bahia de Caraquez – Just Say Yes – You’ll be glad you did.



  1. Hi, I am looking at going to Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador, also looking to retire somewhere in Ecuador , Costa Rica or Panama . Is Bahia a good place to retire ? How far from airport ? what about good hospitals and how far away ?
    Do you know anything about the retirement process to retire in Bahia ?
    Thanks , Benny.

    • Benny, Bahia de Caraquez is a great place to retire, I think, and expats are doing just that. With a river flowing into the ocean and the large peninsula, the city is a beautiful jewel.

      It was the vacation spot of choice for wealthy Ecuadorians for a long time, especially those from Guayaquil and there are lots of beautiful condominiums and beach properties.

      The area was neglected after several natural disasters in the late ’90’s–a landslide and earthquake. Then there was a severe decline in the shrimp industry due to disease, but the city is now recovering quickly.

      We have good friends from Cotacachi who have moved there and bought property. They love it.

      Find some chat rooms online and get connected to expats who live there or know the area better than Gary and I do. We’ve only been there 3 or 4 times. Use our search buttons on both the blog and website to find other articles I’ve written about Bahia de Caraquez and good luck.

      Residency laws and requirements are the same all over Ecuador. They have been changing rapidly in the last year or 2 so check thoroughly for updates when and if you decide to apply.

  2. Iam orginaly from Poland but Iam canadian last year I was in Colombia Venezuela before Mexico Cuba California now I think about Ecuador I mean Bahia de Caraquez I know it only from you and google earth I want to know more and I think that is possible Daniel

  3. Sean,
    I am originally from Anchorage, Alaska and have hosted many of my friends here. I own the largest North American Real Estate Co. on the coast and we travel up and down the entire coast working with people from all over the world. In fact I have several friends from Alaska here right now…
    Trymy email at…aica0203@yahoo.com

  4. Camai,
    I am Richard and I have the largest north American real estate cpany on the coast of Ecuador. I am from Alaska as well and have hosted many of my former statesmen here. I would love to help you on your trip here.
    011 593 80815951

  5. Sean from Alaska, I would like to travel to Bahia this year and look into buying property. Where did you purchase your condo in Bahia? Who would you suggest I contact once there to look around at places?
    Thanks for your help. thanks for the above article gave
    a great idea what it might be like.

  6. Thanks for this great article. My husband & I are headed to Ecuador in December to check it out for early retiremnet next year. We plan to look at Cuenca & the coast. We have liked the looks of Bahia from what little we have seen & read online, but there isn’t nearly as much out there as you can find on Cuenca. Thanks for your article. It was great & very helpful.

    • Hi Angela , please e-mail me if you go to Bahia Ecuador and let me know what you think of the place and about retiring there, I also am looking to retire soon and out of America.
      Thanks , hope to hear from you. :))

  7. Sean & Lorena says:

    You are so right about Bahia. I have been to Bahia 3 times.
    This last time during the holidays I purchased a condo in Bahia. We will be spending 6 weeks this holiday season. We will also be looking for a main house location in Manta or Cuenca for a future purchase. the coaost is like costa Rica 25 yrs ago. I cant see anything but opportunity for the future for the coast. Why wait. I am only 48. lets see… Middle class retirement at 65 in the US at a sub standard lifestyle or Ecuador at or before 55 with a high standard of living.

    Ecuadorians know how to live a full life and are always looking for an excuse to party which does not always require alcohol. I was in Quito 2 years ago on New Years around thousands of people drinking. i did not see one fight.

    In Ecuador you can live your life without hassle. drink a beer where & when you want, ride your 4-wheeler down the beach or in town, fishing,birding, start a business the list is endless & the sky is the limit.

    Sean from Alaska

  8. Ecuadorian beaches are really nice, but we still got so much to do ! congratulations, for the job done so far. Bahia de Caraquez, will be the best place to find something the whole family can enjoy.