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An Environmentalist’s Message to Grandmothers about GMOs

I have to say that all this talk about a possible GMO invasion of Ecuador with President Correa’s blessing makes me very nervous.  Instead of just making sure my food is organic instead of chemical-laced, I may have to worry about what genetically modified oddities might be lurking inside my juicy breakfast papaya or my quinoa pancakes.  But how can I tell?  Is there a litmus test I can perform?

My knowledge of GMO foods is pretty sketchy.  I admit that I feel the need for strong, informed spokespersons who will spread the word about the dangers of GMOs and champion the cause of real, natural, whole foods, the only kind I want to eat. Thank goodness, more are speaking out.

One of my heroines, Vandana Shiva, is an environmentalist and anti-GMO activist from India whose dream for mankind is a return to the organic, sustainable farm.


She is the creative force behind Navdanya Biodiversity Conservation Farm, an organic farm she began in 1987 and The Grandmothers’ University at Navdanya.  She says, “Grandmothers are the best holders of the continuity of the cultural diversity that linked with biological diversity. . . Every generation of grandmothers has brought the relevant past into the present and handed it over to the future.”

Right on!  She fills me with a renewed sense of destiny that lies latent in my aging psyche. We grannies have a duty to see that the oatmeal cookies and lasagna, in fact, all the meals we tempt our grandchildren with are wholesome, nutritious.  Surely any granny worthy of her Social Security check wants to make certain her grandbabies aren’t tainted with toxic engineered genes that have been proven to alter our world and our bodies in damaging, dangerous ways.

Vandana’s gentle smile belies her strong attitudes about GMO, Monsanto and the devastation wrought by generically-modified cotton in India.  According to her, the marketing of GMO seeds has resulted in the suicides of 250,000 Indian farmers during the last ten years.

Her organic farm is also a seed bank and research center.  She believes that India is under a cultural invasion around it’s food supply, with new McDonalds and other fast food restaurants cropping up (pun intended) all over her hometown of DehraDun.

Once India had over 1500 kinds of cotton. Today seeds are under threat, being colonized as corporations patent the seeds and then declare them their intellectual property.

Organic farming works with the laws of nature and the web of life, recycling water and protecting nature.  Organic farming practices are not at war with nature. She reminds us that the earth provides everything and we don’t need to buy anything from markets.

She says it’s been proven that the high yield of genetic seeds is a lie and that organic, natural varieties outproduce them. GMO seeds have given India super-weeds and greatly resistant boll weevils.  New pests are prevalent.

India has the highest growth rate in the world at 9%, but is the leader in hunger.

20 of the worlds top 100 billionaires live in India.  These people sell back to Indians the electricity, gas and oil that is already theirs.  They make enormous profits and are “an economy of theft.”  Farmers spend more and more on pesticides and herbicides every year.

She wants more people on the land and urban gardens in every city.

Her climate change solution–buy organic climate-resilient seeds, not GMO climate-resilient seeds. In her opinion climate change is caused by humans who are greedy and irresponsible.

“Only a vigilant, active, highly energized civil society can defend the rights of citizens.  We can’t take our freedoms for granted anymore.”

“. . . we live in highly destructive, highly vulnerable times,” she warns us. “But in spite of that I have hope.  I have hope because I have deep trust in the earth.  She is more resilient than all our actions. And secondly, I have deep trust in people, and their irrepressible urge for freedom and happiness.”

Watch a video of this inspiring elder whose wisdom can help us bring our planet back from the edge of destruction it now rapidly approaches.


If grannies everywhere get to work, GMO might soon stand for Grand Mothers for Organics.  Go Grannies!  Just Say No to GMO!



  1. Someone should inform the president that GMO require more water, impoverish the land, will spread like a virus and will subject his people who are not using to purchase expensive seeds. and bankrupt them so then they will take over the land.
    Kick them out while there still time.
    Monsanto has poisoned the Earth and ruined lives everywhere.

  2. Jo Ellard says:

    Vandana Shiva should be invited to EVERY country that seeks to improve it’ agriculture. She is our very own_INTERNATIONAL TREASURE.