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A View From the Roof: Four Hours To Get A Hug! One Choice to Change the World

 By Gary and Linda

Have you ever stood in line for a hug?  For four hours?                                                                                                 gary-night11

I did last Thursday, and it was exquisite!

What a week it has been–First a visit with Amma, the hugging saint from India, and then to return home and find NSAs and the Obama administrations dirty laundry spread out all over the internet and news media by a brave young patriot named Edward Snowden.  Evidence of a paradigm shift in the making?  Read on!

Amma has an ashram in San Ramon, just east of Oakland, and was in residence there for about 10 days.

Linda has been recounting for years her visit to Amma’s ashram in Kerola, India, about 18 years ago with her kids; about how she smelled a sweet rose-like smell in her hotel room before she saw Amma, but couldn’t discern where it was coming from.  She tried to follow the smell, but only realized when she came into Amma’s presence that it was coming from her.

On Thursday, as I was buried in Amma’s ample bosom with my daughter-in-law and my 1 ½ year-old grand-daughter in her other arm, I smelled the same smell just before disappearing into the nothingness–for a moment that was an eternity. When I opened my eyes, she looked at me, gave a small laugh, and showered us with rose petals. 

Who is Amma?  Born in 1953 to a lower caste family in a small fishing village in India, Amma was  different from other children.  Her mother continually punished her for giving away family food and belongings to those who were poorer than she.   She lived in a state of bliss, almost oblivious to the world around her, steeped in God-presence, even as the young town bullies taunted and teased her.

Amma the hugging saint

Amma, The Hugging Saint

Finally, at the age of 22,  as she was walking a path in her community, she heard neighbors singing spiritual songs (the Indians call them bhajans).  In a brief instant of awareness, she moved into full consciousness of her inner self, and became fully enlightened.   She said at that moment that she wanted to fully dissolve into the inner bliss and never return.  But she heard a voice saying, “Thousands and thousands of people in the world are steeped in misery. I have much for you to do, you who are one with Me.’” 

Her father opened up his barn so that she could begin to receive people drawn to her presence.  That began a ministry that has led to the following:  Creation of 5 major universities in India; providing 100,000 poor and elderly people with monthly pensions; building 50,000 houses for the homeless; providing 40,000 scholarships to youth who have lost one or both parents due to suicide brought on by failure of Monsanto’s GMO crops;  providing free state- of-the-art medical care in a 1800-bed hospital with an attached medial school. 

Planting more than 1 million trees in reforestation projects across India and other parts of the world; vocational training and start-up capital through micro-loans for 100,000 women; the list goes on and on.  Click here to read a 58- page report on Amma’s social programs. Her accomplishments are simply amazing.  

In the process of all this service,  estimates are that she has hugged 25 million people.  We arrived at the Ashram at 11 a.m., got our “hug tickets,” and received our hug at 3:30.  During that time I watch as Amma, sitting cross-legged on a flat raised platform, hugged people continuously.   She never moved from her assigned spot, never adjusted her position.

In a previous newsletter I wrote about the monumental paradigm shift occurring on our planet.  To me, Amma represents an aspect of this shift.

I wrote:  “This new revolution is the revolution of love—the recognition that we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than human beings searching for a spiritual experience.  Love is a primal force no hint of darkness can withstand.” 

Amma is performing miracles, manifesting resources and motivating people to create incredible change in our world.

As I sat in the Ashram that evening with around 1000 people singing bhajans, I felt a powerful energy emanating from the group, rising up into the heavens and circling the earth.  The spiritual evolution I previously mentioned is having an impact around the world, revealing itself in many different ways. 

At the same time, the old system is fading, dissolving into the pages of history.  As usual, the keepers of the old paradigm are not letting go without a fight.  But the outcome is inevitable.  Only the timing is in question.

Right now, hundreds of thousands of people are demonstrating against the old system in Turkey.  The U.S. government is being racked daily with news reports of spying on journalists.

Top secret documents have been leaked proving what has only been suspected up until now–that the U. S. government is recording and analyzing every piece of electronic communication (including this one).  Virtually every resident of America and hundreds of thousands of expats who are still using U.S. email servers or are receiving calls or messages over the internet from the U.S. are being surveilled.

The forces invested in the old paradigm are arguing that the whistleblower who revealed the government spying broke the law, claiming that the government was only protecting us.  A Fox News correspondent, live on television, declared that the 29-year-old whistleblower, Edward Snowden, should be executed.                                                                                                                                                  

Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

At the same time the forces for change are “outraged” at the obvious breach of our constitution rights.

Advocates of the old guard, desperately seeking to protect the old paradigm, do whatever they can to stop the shift, no matter how extreme the measures –but always under the guise that they are protecting us, the people, not themselves.  Re-read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm,” for a powerful reminder of how we all create this system of protector/protectee over and over.

Right now, in this moment, each of us is at a crossroads.  This is an extremely crucial time for humanity, a time when a shift of huge import is unfolding, akin to the shift from Neanderthal to Cro Magnan.  A new form of man is already evolving.  One has only to carefully observe the children being born today to see this.

Edward Snowden is one of these.  He is a youth with enough clarity to stand up and say, “The emperor has no clothes.”   In the fairy tale, this clarion statement was enough to jolt the fawning adults out of their illusion.  We can only pray that enough of our older generation will be as wise.

Thomas Kuhn, in “The Structure of Scientific Revolution, ” teaches that paradigm shifts are almost always announced by those young enough to be un-invested in the old system.  He postulated that scientific advancement isn’t evolutionary, but rather is a “series of peaceful interludes punctuated by intellectually violent revolutions,” within which “one conceptual world view is replaced by another”.  This applies to all areas of life, not just the scientific arena, because of the dual nature of our planet.  Click here to read a detailed explanation of how this revolutionary structure works.

Daniel Ellsberg, the whistle blower of the Pentagon Papers fame, said yesterday in a powerful article “In my estimation, there has not been in American history a more important leak than Edward Snowden’s release of NSA material, and that definitely includes the Pentagon Papers 40 years ago.” 

Bradley Manning  (AP Photo Patrick Semansky

Bradley Manning (AP Photo Patrick Semansky)

At the same time Edward Snowden released his secrets, another young American hero, Bradley Manning, is being tried in a secret military tribunal for seeing and releasing a video called “Collateral Murder” marked as “top secret”  of a U. S. helicopter gun ship gunning down twelve civilians, including two Reuters journalists.  By any evaluation, the actions shown on this video are in violation of numerous laws and treaties.  Journalist Chris Hedges wrote eloquently in “The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning” about this travesty of justice reminiscent of the old Soviet Union “dissident show trials,”  that were so scorned in our country.

This video and thousands of other documents Manning leaked showed many instances  of governmental criminal activity, withheld from American eyes by being marked secret.   He recognized the importance of his own choice point and made his decision.  In his estimation, the world needed to know what was going on.

Who will be the next patriot to stand up, to speak out, to be inspired by the actions of these two brave young men?  More importantly, who among us  will support our young patriots and help pave the way for the new beginning that must come?

And that’s today’s View From the Roof.

In my next few articles, I will continue to discuss and expand upon these concepts.  I will show how the power of rising levels of “consciousness” as demonstrated by Amma and her followers–for surely she is not doing this work single handedly—have the force to powerfully and dramatically extricate our societies from the shackles of the old paradigm.  Next week, the topic is free energy and the new UFO disclosure documentary recently released.  What kind of world would this be if petroleum was no longer needed as a propulsion fuel? 

I encourage you to follow along in our blogs, read, and contribute to the discussion through the comments section.  Share these articles far and wide.  Help us to disseminate the “good news.”    If you feel moved to contribute to the discussion in lengthier articles, we will certainly consider opening our blog and newsletter to guest contributors.   Please contact me here.




  1. Articles like this show leaders are emerging. Let’s hope everyone, does not sit by the warmth of the fire until the last ember flickers, and watches Rome burn to the ground!

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    Nicely written article

  3. Blessed be you Gary! Many many thanks for all you enlighten us with, for your standing. I will forward your news letter to all of my contacts.
    David Nakov