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A Mysterious Black Beast near Cuenca, Ecuador, is Mutilating Cattle

A Mysterious Black Beast near Cuenca, Ecuador, is Mutilating Cattle

Reader Larry Bowers from the U.S. sent us two links to an unusual occurrence is Ecuador.


From “El Tiempo,” a Cuenca newspaper.

La Quadra, Ecuador, is experiencing a rash of cattle mutilations by a yet-unidentified animal. La Quadra is a small village in central Ecuador, located near the town of Nero and the city of Cuenca in the province of Azuay.

The beast, whatever it is, has only been spotted once at night when villagers, armed with flashlights, guns and machetes, set out through the brush to find it.  All they saw was a “black animal” nothing more. Could this be the Ecuador cousin of the legends of a yeti, Big Foot or Sasquash in other parts of the world?

Left behind was physical evidence in the form of very large claw prints in the dirt, but no pictures of the prints are available. The cattle remains have been extraordinarily mutilated, indicating that the animal is very powerful.

We include both the original Spanish story and an English translation.

The reporter for El Tiempo, a Cuenca, Ecuador, newspaper, says the locals say it’s may be an escaped cougar or possibly just another attack by, “the infamous chupacabra.” Chupacabara literally means, “to suck goat,” or “goat sucker.”

It is a legendary cryptid, a creature whose existence is anecdotally believed to be true but which has never been established by scientific means.  Thus a chupacabara falls into the same category as Big Foot or the Loch Ness monster.

The name comes from the creature’s legendary habit of drinking the blood of livestock.  It seems to be especially fond of goat’s blood.

Eye-witness reports in the 1990’s have covered several continents,  ranging from Chile to Maine.  The chupacabara is reportedly the size of a small bear with spines from its neck to its tail.

Spanish link to “El Tiempo” article:

English translation of “El Tiempo” article:



  1. Bob Christianson says:

    Hi Dianne
    The chupacraba seems to be making itself known from Puerto Rico and now to Mexico and South America however no one seems to be able to locate or identify it placing it in the bigfoot category as you stated.
    The Andean Bear sounds like a very good probability however one question comes to mind.
    I would think that most local folks would know what an Andean bear looks like but no one even mentioned a bear.
    What do you think?

  2. Looks like the work of an Andean Bear to me! I used to volunteer with the Andean Bear Project based out of Pucara in the Intag region and this image reminds me of a lot of the photos we have seen. The Andean or Spectacled Bear is a small black bear with white fur on its face. It has traditionally lived and gathered food in forests, but with human encroachment and the introduction of cattle farming, the bear has found easier prey. There is little known about this bear, but what is clear is that habitat destruction is one of the main reasons the species is close to extinction. The Andean Bear currently roams wild in several Andean countries including Ecuador.