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Dalai Lama Said to Be in Residence in Cotacachi

Rumors and small towns seem to go together and Cotacachi is no exception.  Whether it’s expats telling tales about other expats, jealous indigenous trying to get their rivals in trouble or the locals delighting in spreading stories about the goings-on of the gringo-locos, the energy is all the same. However, […]

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Cotacachi High School Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon

Cotacachi High School Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon

Last Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Gary and I arrived at the Unorcac student hall for the appreciation luncheon.  We found Paige Fisher, Peace Corp volunteer and the program’s lead supporter, anxiously waiting at the entrance. She immediately asked us if more expats were coming.  The students and parents had […]

UK Threatens to “Assault” Ecuador Embassy in London

I went to sleep with the Assange asylum incident on my mind and woke up this morning to find that it is not only a top news story, but a very tense news story. While checking our email around 9 a.m. Gary burst out, “Ecuador has granted Julian Assange asylum […]

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Ecuador News: Ecuador Grants Assange Asylum, Tensions Escalate

After Ecuador granted Julian Assange political asylum today, I wanted to find out what Ecuadorians here in-country had to say about the escalating tensions between Ecuador and the UK in the case.  Thank goodness for Google and here’s my English version of an article in El Universo: Foreign Minister Ricardo […]

Assange Asylum in Ecuador? UK Guardian Says Yes, Correa Says Not Yet

The UK Guardian has just quoted an Ecuadorian official as announcing that Julian Assange has been granted asylum in Ecuador by president Raphael Correa. The government of Ecuador wants to help protect Assange’s life and his freedom, believing that if he is extradited to Sweden, he will face the death […]

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