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Bahia de Caraquez Condo:  New Listing

Bahia de Caraquez Condo: New Listing

One of our favorite places on the coast is Bahia de Caraquez.   When we first visited a few years ago, it was a small almost forgotten place about an hour and a half north of Manta over very rough roads. It had once been a booming community and resort […]

A View From the Roof: Ecuador Health Care and Insurance Offers Great Bargain gets many inquiries about health insurance and medical care.  While I cannot write a comprehensive article about this subject, I can give you some ideas about what to expect if you decide to move here and need health insurance coverage. Many people opt to self-insure.  While this may cause […]

Kurikindi: Cotacachi Organic Farm

Kurikindi: Cotacachi Organic Farm

Kurikindi Farm is a multi-cultural experiment in more ways than one.  No monotonous rows of monocultured crops here. You’ll find a rainbow of colors and varieties on their farm and even the veggies are multi-cultural.  The owners grow the usual Ecuadorian crops of lettuce, carrots, cabbage and beets, but you’ll […]

Ecuador Indigenous: Sarayaku Tribe Wins a Victory

Amnesty International and the Sarayaku indigenous people have won a major victory against the unauthorized encroachment on their communal land and endangerment to their way of life perpetrated by an oil company.  Their odyssey has taken members of the tribe as far away as Washington D.C. and Costa Rica, as […]

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Holy Sh*t!  More About Dry Composting Toilets in Cotacachi

Holy Sh*t! More About Dry Composting Toilets in Cotacachi

The community of El Batan, a small village of about 70 families on the outskirts of Cotacachi, is leading the way toward healthier elimination of body waste for this area.  So far, 3 families have erected dry composting toilets, aided by the Peace Corp and its representative Mary Glover. Yesterday […]

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