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Cotacachi Christmas 2010

Cotacachi Christmas 2010

Christmas was quiet for Gary and me this year. No lengthy preparations of gift bags for indigenous village children, candlelight vigils to the Catholic  church or all-night indigenous parties. We did attend a luncheon for high school scholarship students and their families. For several mornings in a row we were […]

Great New Information on Ecuador Visas

The information below on Ecuador Visas, short and medium term,  was extracted from  This forum provides a really a great service for expats living here and those contemplating living here.   If you have any interest in Ecuador, I highly recommend it. I signed up for a summary email […]

Missing in Ecuador: The Fourth Sister

Missing in Ecuador: The Fourth Sister

In Ecuador the Three Sisters are planted together for maximum productivity  and reduction of weeding and watering.  While researching the Three Sisters, I came across a description of a Fourth Sister in Gaia’s Garden, a wonderful book on permaculture.  The Fourth Sister is part of this guild of corn, beans […]

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Ecuador Food: Permaculture Plans and Chocho Challenges

Permaculture is on my mind a lot lately.  I am dreaming of a verdant tropical paradise springing to life on our almost treeless pasture land.  I see a mandala-shaped herb garden, a pond with ducks, an alpaca grazing in the small field, an orchard swelling with ripe fruit and oh, […]

Lessons in Weed Economics in Ecuador–To Pull or Plow

Our land was way overdue for a weeding. The chochos had grown prodigiously in a few months because of good weather and plenty of rain.  But so had many different species of weeds and grasses.  Weeding was the natural next step. Read this blog for some background on our chocho […]