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Memories of Daddy on Fathers Day in Ecuador

Around 2 or 3 this afternoon I realized that it was Father’s Day. As the two friends we were with contemplated calling their fathers, Gary and I sat quietly. Both our father’s are deceased. Gary’s dad died when he was nine years old and my father passed away a few […]

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Condos in Ecuador:  Update on Primavera II

Condos in Ecuador: Update on Primavera II

I had a minor, and perhaps even a major revelation this morning. A couple of friends of ours, Carl and Nancy Showalter, recently moved to Cotacachi, Ecuador, to make it their permanent home and base of operation. Carl is a minister for a small church in Chicago that has an […]

A View From the Roof: by Gary Phillips

A View From the Roof: by Gary Phillips

Last Time It was Time—This Time, It’s Noise Virtually all Latin Americans have a love affair with noise. Ecuador is no exception. Last week one of our Ecuador vacation rentals was occupied by a couple who came here with some misplaced expectations. They seemed to have had the idea that […]

Plan Return: Ecuadorians Return Home with Government Help

On February 24, 2008, Lucy, an Ecuadorian who lives in Canada with her Uruguayan husband and two children, wrote to say that they were “looking at all our options for making our move (to Ecuador) possible. I heard that the government is doing some unique things for Ecuadorians who want […]

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