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Questions about Bring Gold to Ecuador, Tourist Visas received the following question: I read your post about bringing gold into Ecuador and I was wondering what happens when you declare over $10k in gold. Do you pay taxes or some fee? If I came with gold I would be an American coming from Venezuela. I was also […]

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Otavalo Market was Built by a Female Dutch Architect

Otavalo Market was Built by a Female Dutch Architect

The Otavalo Market, called the largest indigenous market in the Americas, is one of the “can’t miss” events when you visit Ecuador. Literally thousands of vendors line the streets every Saturday. There are some little know facts about that Otavalo market that Linda dug up that make it even more […]

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You Can Bring Gold to Ecuador

We recently had a question from a reader whether it is legal to bring gold into Ecuador, and to buy and sell gold. Acutally, I have had this question twice in the last week.’s Martha Perez went to work looking for an answer. She didn’t have to look far […]

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Cotacachi Health Care:  Free Dentistry for Students

Cotacachi Health Care: Free Dentistry for Students

A few days ago, I was walking down the street and I came to this truck. Of course, being the curious type, I stuck my head inside to see what was going on. This is what I saw: The man didn’t look so happy at being interrupted, but after a […]

Another Question about Banking in Ecuador

A reader wrote the following question regarding Banking in Ecuador: I am leaving South Africa to settle in Bahia De Carquez in Ecuador on the 2nd May. My husband will be travelling with me and will be staying in Bahia for 3 weeks. He will then return to South Africa […]

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