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Flooding in Ecuador

Flooding in Ecuador

With over 55,000 affected families and 100,000 hectares of lost crops, the Ecuadorian coast is experiencing the worst flooding of the past 10 years. Affected areas include the provinces of Guayas, Manabi, El Oro, and Los Rios. The Ecuadorian highlands, Amazon region, and the entire Ecuadorian beachfront are not affected […]

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A Saturday Visit to the Otavalo Market

A Saturday Visit to the Otavalo Market

Yesterday, Linda and I left Cotacachi and took our house guest, Durga Ishaya, to the Otavalo Market, which is about 5 miles from here.This market is simply incredible. Literally hundreds of vendors from all over northern Ecuador, along with sizable group of tourists, swarm down on this small city, inundating […]

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The Downside of Living in Ecuador?

We had a question from a reader recently about what the downside is of living in Ecuador. Actually, believe it or not, that is somewhat of a tough question to answer. The downside of Living in Ecuador? Ecuador is a beautiful country with limitless potential for the prospective resident. The […]

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Costs For a Wedding in Ecuador

Many Ecuadorian families do not have enough money to have a large wedding. But for those with enough money, here are some sample costs. The cost of the party depends of the city in Ecuador and the place where you will have your reception party. Prices range from $20- $40 […]

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High Praise

We just received this comment from a reader that I would like to share with you. Our team has been working very hard on our website for nearly 9 months, and when we get comments like this, it really makes our day. We are endeavoring to provide a good service […]

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